About Buntwurm

It started in early 2013, I was looking for a yarn in an special colorway… sadly not even a simmilar colorway was availiable these days . I talked to my mother the other day and she asked if I wasn’t able to dye the colorway on my own.
This appeared like a good idea to me, back in the 90s I dyed T-Shirts and other fabric, so, why not trying to dye wool. I bought my first dyes an yarn after some trial and error, I was able to dye.

Now I name myself an experienced handdyer with a wide range of animal- and plantbased yarns in stock. All yarns are responsibile sourced, all high quality and picked with care. An environmental- and animalfriendly sourcing ist really important for me as well as fair traide. I treat the yarns as sensible as possible to preserve the individual character of each fiber.
I do everything on my own. Every hank of yarn goes through my hands a several times during the process of preparation, dying, labeling and shipping. I’m convinced, you’ll be able to feel and see my passion in dying.